13 December 2011

Devils Marbles

Monday, 12 December 2011

How I have missed a proper camp fire in the middle of nowhere!

We left Daly Waters this morning after taking a few photos. But we couldn't hang around, we had kilometres to chew...
As we were travelling south on the Stuart Highway, we watched the vegetation change. Tropical savannah woodlands making space for the Acacia species of the semi-arid zone.

For a while we were listening to Murgatroyd's 'Dig Tree', particularly the part where she describes John McDouall Stuart's exploits, the race of the early explorers and their sponsors to make it to the northern coastline.

Around lunchtime we arrived in the not so bustling centre of the Barkly. We took a little detour before hitting the town of Tennant Creek to go down to Mary Anne Dam -- a beautiful place for lunch, as long as you don't have to use the amenities...

Later on we drove through Tennant Creek and headed south for another 90km approximately on the Stuart Highway. Yep, Devils Marbles camp ground, got flooded here before as well -- but tonight I'm taking a gamble! 

Steve didn't put a tarpauline up over the camper trailer because I said that the rainy depression was to the north of us and we wouldn't get wet tonight.

The camp fire is burning down as I type, there's only a 20% chance of rain according to a local tour guide (who also cleans the toilets in one of my favourite Aussie camp grounds),
a nice breeze is just picking up to blow the mozzies away -- life's pretty good if not for the tummy bug that first hit Flip (when still in Darwin) and then Steve and Ellen...oh dear...

If worse comes to worst the Toms family will have to frequent the clinic in Tennant Creek tomorrow, otherwise we will travel on to our next destination, a free camp site near Camooweal.

Yes, we will be backtracking -- but we really couldn't stay away from Karlu Karlu, the "Devils Marbles".
I love this place, love the camp ground with all these rounded pebbles and rocks made up of conglomerate rock, love the sunsets that set the rocks alight -- and I love these camp fire nights where the stars reach all the way down to the horizon.

I love a proper camp fire in the middle of nowhere!

Boh boh!

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